Cities and Towns

I can’t remember the story of this game, how it came up to my mind. But it just happened. And several evening later, here you go.

Idea is very simple – you have town, some inhabitants and time. Working, building, growing and so far. Of course, user interface is not much of a master piece, but it works. Rules are quite simple, too:

  • Every single unoccupied inhabitant produces 1 food and 1 gold per day. (+1 food, +1 gold)
  • Every single worker produces 1 resource and eats 1 food per day. (+1 resource, -1 food)
  • Every single soldier eats 1 food and gets paid 1 gold per day.  (-1 gold, -1 food)
  • Training soldier costs 1 gold, wood, metal and stone.
  • You can retire (untrain) soldiers in order to conserve food/gold
  • Occasionally town will be attacked by foes. Have some soldiers.
  • Details about every building/technology can be viewed by clicking on it.


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