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Introducing one more category – Do It Yourself. Although I’m not very often DIY’er, but since I’ve came here and didn’t brought my so-called laptop stand, I wanted to have one. Because of two reasons – computer internals cooling (CPU temperature drops by 5-10°C when laptop is a little bit lifted above desk surface) and comfort (angle of keyboard, tilted screen). Days passed, being green person I was sorting my trash into recyclable materials all the time. And when I was unpacking something I found several relatively huge (about A4) sheets of corrugated fiberboard.

Today during day I’ve played around with SketchUp, but that was no actual profit, because… You can do a lot of stuff with SketchUp. But if you are interested, here is the SketchUp model I’ve made.

I’ve decided to put digital means of prototyping aside and try everything myself. I had more than enough of resources, so why not go trial-and-error path. And I definitely went towards “error” path on my first attempt. After implementing my month-long ideas I’ve got a design which was not looking that nice but was quite promising.

But it lasted about 5 seconds in duty. Mass of my computer allied with the gravity and crushed my dream to the ground (or desk surface)…

As I said before, I had plenty of resources, so I rethought my plan and tried again. And now I will try to explain the details. Although I do not have any pictures of process itself, at least there will be the result.

DIY part

You will need:

  • Sheet of corrugated fiberboard. Size and thickness depends on the size and mass of laptop. Although I said that mine was about A4, it is more like B4 (315×255 mm) and Type A Flutes.
  • Paper glue. Any. I’ve used glue stick.
  • Sticky tape. Not necessary.
  • Scissors.

First of all, divide short edge of the sheet into four equal parts (my sheet’s shorter edge was 255 mm, thus I’ve divided into 60+60+60+rest. The widest part is supposed to be the base of the stand. If you want, draw lines to indicate those four different areas. Using NOT sharp tool make a concave along the lines and then bend the sheet so it becomes concave, too. Now, glue the outer surface of the part which is in the other end of the sheet from base of the stand (in my case – the part which is in the other end of the sheet from the widest part). Then, stick the freshly glued part to the base part. And that is it, you are done. Or if you want something more reliable and “finished look”, apply some sticky tape on the edges to prevent paper tearing. Good luck standing!

One thought on “DIY – Laptop stand

  1. That recycle sign is great 😀 I tried to use DIY idea for myself, when I needed to unscrew one cable. However, I managed to buy the wrenches and do that in an easier way. Cost me 1 pound.

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