Void of Hate

Several minutes ago Fuck This Jam has ended. And I have managed to create and submit something. That something is of course Void of Hate, which I’ve described several days ago. But this time, I’m showing not just screenshots. Like these…


Planet View

Title screen


Unfortunately, because of various reasons finally leading to me, this game is far away from finished. Turrets in planets are not shooting, research options are vague and AI is as I call “Brownian Motion AI”. Oh, and by the way, there is no resources (so everything is free!), some descriptions missing. Moreover, … ah, what a hell, download and check it out yourselves.

Download Void of Hate

Fuck This Jam

So, today starts Fuck This Jam. The game jam about creating a game in a genre you hate. Thus. I’ve decided to participate in this jam.

I never thought that it might be so hard to think of a game you hate. Every single game I’ve played is appealing in one or another way. But. I’ve decided to look for a boring game for me. And this is the space colonization/strategy game. The ones like Master of Orion or Alpha Centauri.

Master of Orion

Master of Orion

I’m going to use Java with GTGE and will see what is going to be. For now I do not have any details about the gameplay or anything else… Well, because I hate it… 😀

Heating up and cooling off

So, on October 21st I wanted to clean my laptop’s internals. Before doing that I’ve decided to write a post about temperatures under load and etc. I did. Saved it as draft and went for disassembling. And then I had a bad time while trying to unscrew several screws (I don’t have my best tools here). So, I just gave up, screwed back all the screws I succeeded to unscrew. And then just out of curiosity I tried to blow into air vents of my laptop. Really hard. Really. And I was surprised about the quantity of dust bursting out from another end of the laptop… Well… And at least for now my laptop temperature does not go over 80°C with even the most bad ass games and with even more bad ass graphics settings (I mean, games, which my laptop can run 😀 ). And on idle my computer sometimes freaks me out, when it decides to switch off the fan completely…”What? Why aren’t you working?!” But I think, I just need to get used to it. And because I had that previous post saved as a draft, I don’t want to throw it out. So here it is, with some testing results before cleaning.
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DIY – Laptop stand

Introducing one more category – Do It Yourself. Although I’m not very often DIY’er, but since I’ve came here and didn’t brought my so-called laptop stand, I wanted to have one. Because of two reasons – computer internals cooling (CPU temperature drops by 5-10°C when laptop is a little bit lifted above desk surface) and comfort (angle of keyboard, tilted screen). Days passed, being green person I was sorting my trash into recyclable materials all the time. And when I was unpacking something I found several relatively huge (about A4) sheets of corrugated fiberboard.

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Why? When I was young I have seen a cartoon about a table game where you have to roll a dice, then you get a hint and you are teleported into other world. Into the wilderness, a world filled with dangers. And the heroes had to solve the question with reference to a hint. And I do not remember the details, but once there was an episode, when they were hunted by a mad scientist who had a huge and powerful computer in his lab. And when one of the heroes typed into computer “why?” and pushed “Execute”, computer exploded and the question of the game was solved. But this is just for background.
So, why we always ask why? And again, I asked “why we…”…This word or question, I think is one of the most important and difficult. I bet that if we count each question that we ask, question “why?” would be the most frequent. And we get question “Why?” Are we curious? Are we knowledge-hungry? Is this our fate, destiny or purpose? Or simply we are stupid? I think, all of them are the right answer. I know what you want to know. You want to know WHY all of them are the right answer. And the answer is simply. Everyone is a little bit curious, a little bit knowledge-hungry, a little bit fatalist or believes in something and everyone is a little bit stupid. You will not agree with me? Then I will ask WHY?


Today (OK, it is after the midnight so it is officially yesterday) we had a GUI/Game prototyping workshop. The task was simply create a game in several hours. We decided to take one of the classic games and somehow enhance it’s gameplay and create neat and clean graphics. After hours of work and stressful last 15 minutes, here is what we’ve got – ping pong competitive and sometimes cooperative game for 4 players. Although this version is slightly modified and without sound (because of legal reasons), but it is still more or less the real deal 😀

By the way, there is no instructions in game, so here it is:

  • Player One, Green, W and S keys
  • Player Two, Cyan, NumPad 6 and 3 keys
  • Player Three, Purple, M and N keys
  • Player Four, Red, Left and Right arrow keys

Download for Windows