Once upon a time, a small idea for a game popped into my head. One or two evenings later I have realized that it does not pan out as I was expecting (and imagining) in my head, but something was already produced.

Idea is rather simple: You start as a colored fighter (box yeah!). You fight against other colored fighters. But the fighting is technically “stealing”. You steal the color from another fighter. How much and what kind of color you steal depends from both fighters in clash.

Unfortunately, gameplay was not as dynamic as I was expecting 🙁 And the current state is a crude prototype, no gui, no menu, no nothing…

Controls: WASD for movement, mouse for aiming, space for shooting.

Binaries you can get here.

While source is available at my Bitbucket repo.


Once I was trying to make something from plywood and I had to cut a lot of rectangular pieces. I didn’t want to go blind and draw all the pieces on the plywood randomly, thus I’ve created this small program to try to find not the best, but at least better solution to my problem. Because I wrote this “tool” for myself, no user interface or anything else. That’s why source is available, too 🙂

Packer2D source