Heating up and cooling off

So, on October 21st I wanted to clean my laptop’s internals. Before doing that I’ve decided to write a post about temperatures under load and etc. I did. Saved it as draft and went for disassembling. And then I had a bad time while trying to unscrew several screws (I don’t have my best tools here). So, I just gave up, screwed back all the screws I succeeded to unscrew. And then just out of curiosity I tried to blow into air vents of my laptop. Really hard. Really. And I was surprised about the quantity of dust bursting out from another end of the laptop… Well… And at least for now my laptop temperature does not go over 80°C with even the most bad ass games and with even more bad ass graphics settings (I mean, games, which my laptop can run 😀 ). And on idle my computer sometimes freaks me out, when it decides to switch off the fan completely…”What? Why aren’t you working?!” But I think, I just need to get used to it. And because I had that previous post saved as a draft, I don’t want to throw it out. So here it is, with some testing results before cleaning.
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