Why? When I was young I have seen a cartoon about a table game where you have to roll a dice, then you get a hint and you are teleported into other world. Into the wilderness, a world filled with dangers. And the heroes had to solve the question with reference to a hint. And I do not remember the details, but once there was an episode, when they were hunted by a mad scientist who had a huge and powerful computer in his lab. And when one of the heroes typed into computer “why?” and pushed “Execute”, computer exploded and the question of the game was solved. But this is just for background.
So, why we always ask why? And again, I asked “why we…”…This word or question, I think is one of the most important and difficult. I bet that if we count each question that we ask, question “why?” would be the most frequent. And we get question “Why?” Are we curious? Are we knowledge-hungry? Is this our fate, destiny or purpose? Or simply we are stupid? I think, all of them are the right answer. I know what you want to know. You want to know WHY all of them are the right answer. And the answer is simply. Everyone is a little bit curious, a little bit knowledge-hungry, a little bit fatalist or believes in something and everyone is a little bit stupid. You will not agree with me? Then I will ask WHY?

My own custom d6 die

Last week in Prototyping course we had a lecture and workshop on 3D printing. And we were planning to play some RPG on Sunday. And we were quite short on dice. That is how idea of modeling and printing my own custom die was born. The first thing I wanted to try is to make empty die with numbers on the sides and some cool thing (like small castle) inside. But then I realized that such kind of a die might be terrible unbalanced, that’s why I sticked just to the numbers on the sides. Here are some screenshots of modeling and the actual result. I am very very happy about this.