Once upon a time, a small idea for a game popped into my head. One or two evenings later I have realized that it does not pan out as I was expecting (and imagining) in my head, but something was already produced.

Idea is rather simple: You start as a colored fighter (box yeah!). You fight against other colored fighters. But the fighting is technically “stealing”. You steal the color from another fighter. How much and what kind of color you steal depends from both fighters in clash.

Unfortunately, gameplay was not as dynamic as I was expecting 🙁 And the current state is a crude prototype, no gui, no menu, no nothing…

Controls: WASD for movement, mouse for aiming, space for shooting.

Binaries you can get here.

While source is available at my Bitbucket repo.

Plebiscitum – friend or foe?

It’s hard to go by in our times without hearing something about politics. New law here, meeting of the heads there, corruption scandal over there. But usually it all starts with one and the same thing – elections. If you want to get in and stay in “the game”, you have to get elected. That is what this game is all about – winning the elections. Any means necessary.

This is the game me, Alessandro Suraci and Cyrill Averbeck have created during Gameplay Design course at Chalmers University. The game revolves around the world of politics, parties and elections. The whole essence of the game is the decision between standing up for your party or… well, yourself. This game is played in teams (which are considered to be political parties) and in order to win you have to be both the best within your party and your party has to be the best. This leads to amount of interesting dilemmas – should you try to crush opposing party or backstab your colleague, should you try to be hard working and honest politician or go dirty and expect to get away with it. It is fun, addictive, beautiful and sarcastic game for anyone who is at least a little bit aware of the politics!

We have published our game on The Game Crafter website. It’s quite expensive, unless you are living in the USA. Here is the link:

Plebiscitum @ The Game Crafter

Card Game Desktop

I am gamer. And as it comes sometimes, I have some stupid idea that I want to create a game. And once I figured that it would be cool to have a nice board/card/rpg game. And then I made my first prototype, printed it out, cut all the cards. It took me a lot of time, a lot of printer toner and a lot of paper. That’s when I tried to come up with an easier solution – find a software which would allow to play various card games. But I couldn’t find any. This is why I’ve decided to try to create my own. For starters it had only two feature requirements: 1) you can add any image from your computer as card to the playing field. 2) you can move around, scale up or down and flip up or down the card. Essentially, that is the only things that you would need for a simulation of any card based game. For some time I’ve developed it a bit further, but then I’ve got carried away with the rest of my life and it got stuck. Furthermore, I was/am using quite out-dated engine for doing all the drawings (I liked it back then), which discourages even more from continuing it as it is now. But if I would migrate it to some other engine, who knows…

Screenshot 1 - CGD Screenshot 2 - CGD Screenshot 3 - CGD Screenshot 3 - CGD

Since it is kind of in development, binaries are not ready for distribution, but you could build (it’s buildable and runnable in debug mode) from source yourself and play around. The source code is freely available here:

Card Game Desktop @ Drags’ Bitbucket

As I said, it depends on external library which you could get from the link below. And in general, you can contact me if there are any problems 🙂

GTGE Homepage

GGJ – Heart Traffic

So. Happened that my university was one of the GGJ locations. I was planning to participate anyways, but still 🙂 It was really entertaining 48 hours and I had chance to try something new and get more experience. And the result is here 😀 By the way, theme this year was literally a sound of beating heart 🙂 Not kidding, what we’ve got was just a black screen with heart beating in the background 🙂

You can check it out directly at GGJ website – Heart Traffic or just download executables from down below (both APK for Androids above 2.2 and JAR for anything that has Java Runtime Environment 7).

Heart Traffic screenshot


Void of Hate

Several minutes ago Fuck This Jam has ended. And I have managed to create and submit something. That something is of course Void of Hate, which I’ve described several days ago. But this time, I’m showing not just screenshots. Like these…


Planet View

Title screen


Unfortunately, because of various reasons finally leading to me, this game is far away from finished. Turrets in planets are not shooting, research options are vague and AI is as I call “Brownian Motion AI”. Oh, and by the way, there is no resources (so everything is free!), some descriptions missing. Moreover, … ah, what a hell, download and check it out yourselves.

Download Void of Hate

Fuck This Jam

So, today starts Fuck This Jam. The game jam about creating a game in a genre you hate. Thus. I’ve decided to participate in this jam.

I never thought that it might be so hard to think of a game you hate. Every single game I’ve played is appealing in one or another way. But. I’ve decided to look for a boring game for me. And this is the space colonization/strategy game. The ones like Master of Orion or Alpha Centauri.

Master of Orion

Master of Orion

I’m going to use Java with GTGE and will see what is going to be. For now I do not have any details about the gameplay or anything else… Well, because I hate it… 😀


Why? When I was young I have seen a cartoon about a table game where you have to roll a dice, then you get a hint and you are teleported into other world. Into the wilderness, a world filled with dangers. And the heroes had to solve the question with reference to a hint. And I do not remember the details, but once there was an episode, when they were hunted by a mad scientist who had a huge and powerful computer in his lab. And when one of the heroes typed into computer “why?” and pushed “Execute”, computer exploded and the question of the game was solved. But this is just for background.
So, why we always ask why? And again, I asked “why we…”…This word or question, I think is one of the most important and difficult. I bet that if we count each question that we ask, question “why?” would be the most frequent. And we get question “Why?” Are we curious? Are we knowledge-hungry? Is this our fate, destiny or purpose? Or simply we are stupid? I think, all of them are the right answer. I know what you want to know. You want to know WHY all of them are the right answer. And the answer is simply. Everyone is a little bit curious, a little bit knowledge-hungry, a little bit fatalist or believes in something and everyone is a little bit stupid. You will not agree with me? Then I will ask WHY?


Today (OK, it is after the midnight so it is officially yesterday) we had a GUI/Game prototyping workshop. The task was simply create a game in several hours. We decided to take one of the classic games and somehow enhance it’s gameplay and create neat and clean graphics. After hours of work and stressful last 15 minutes, here is what we’ve got – ping pong competitive and sometimes cooperative game for 4 players. Although this version is slightly modified and without sound (because of legal reasons), but it is still more or less the real deal 😀

By the way, there is no instructions in game, so here it is:

  • Player One, Green, W and S keys
  • Player Two, Cyan, NumPad 6 and 3 keys
  • Player Three, Purple, M and N keys
  • Player Four, Red, Left and Right arrow keys

Download for Windows

Slide Circus

From the website of qbcode

We have some news! That game is going to be called Slide Circus and release day is inevitably approaching. Kirkos means “circle, ring” in Greek and it represents our core gameplay mechanic; word “Slide” should be much more obvious. I can promise you that there will be hats, white rabbits and jars of orange jam.

Original post at qbcode website


One of the most sophisticated and awesome things I’ve ever done together with course mate and friend Arnoldas Gurskis. Text based MMORPG which was actually working. Just because it was more or less educational project, it was discontinued because of… well… textual reasons…

Unfortunately neither source or binaries will go public. Source won’t go public because I don’t want to (for now) and binaries will be useless because there is no active servers.