My own custom d6 die

Last week in Prototyping course we had a lecture and workshop on 3D printing. And we were planning to play some RPG on Sunday. And we were quite short on dice. That is how idea of modeling and printing my own custom die was born. The first thing I wanted to try is to make empty die with numbers on the sides and some cool thing (like small castle) inside. But then I realized that such kind of a die might be terrible unbalanced, that’s why I sticked just to the numbers on the sides. Here are some screenshots of modeling and the actual result. I am very very happy about this.

Sunday RPG

So, somehow it happened (someone mentioned role-playing, while others continued) and this is how we decided to play some pen and paper style role playing. The real role-playing. I’ve had a reason to remember and freshen up my a lot of years ago forgotten knowledge of GURPS. And I enjoyed it to the last part of it.

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One of the most sophisticated and awesome things I’ve ever done together with course mate and friend Arnoldas Gurskis. Text based MMORPG which was actually working. Just because it was more or less educational project, it was discontinued because of… well… textual reasons…

Unfortunately neither source or binaries will go public. Source won’t go public because I don’t want to (for now) and binaries will be useless because there is no active servers.