Steam Fortress 2

Study Period 2 is nearing to it’s end, thus I decided to post about what I’ve been doing. Well, I’ll post only half of the stuff what I have been doing, because the other half is still in progress as one of the courses I read this SP is going to span over the next SP, too.

So, what I was doing? Simulation Engines. Course where we were supposed to build a simulation engine. We were working in teams, quite large, I would say. My team was made out of 6 members. After initial discussions we decided to make a fun “build and shoot” game, where you have a cannon, which you shoot, a heart, which you protect, and a bunch of building blocks which you use to protect your heart. Oh, by the way, each member had to implement different part of the engine, and in our case, those parts were software engineering (gluing part), artificial intelligence (smart part), physics (realistic part), graphics (cool part), multimedia (sounds and GUI part) and networking (social part). And I was responsible for the social part, networking. My extension idea and purpose was to create seamless connection between players, so that there would be no hosting or joining, nor lobbies or master servers. But that’s enough of talking. Here are some screenshots. And, of course, download links are below.

EDIT: oh, I forgot the gameplay video 😀

Cannon Ball

aiss copy

ai shooting

ai miss ai build ai fire!


P.S. If you wonder how you can play with another player over network, just start two games on the same network. Second player will automatically connect and replace AI 🙂

Cities and Towns

I can’t remember the story of this game, how it came up to my mind. But it just happened. And several evening later, here you go.

Idea is very simple – you have town, some inhabitants and time. Working, building, growing and so far. Of course, user interface is not much of a master piece, but it works. Rules are quite simple, too:

  • Every single unoccupied inhabitant produces 1 food and 1 gold per day. (+1 food, +1 gold)
  • Every single worker produces 1 resource and eats 1 food per day. (+1 resource, -1 food)
  • Every single soldier eats 1 food and gets paid 1 gold per day.  (-1 gold, -1 food)
  • Training soldier costs 1 gold, wood, metal and stone.
  • You can retire (untrain) soldiers in order to conserve food/gold
  • Occasionally town will be attacked by foes. Have some soldiers.
  • Details about every building/technology can be viewed by clicking on it.


Cities and Towns 2

This game is a follow up from pervious game. Just we had a project in Visual Basic course and I wanted to remake this game. Easy and quite fast, not that advanced in gameplay mechanics, but “better” graphics and user interface 😀

Further more this version includes save and load functionality and if you start a new game, you get a random map each time. But only problem is that you have not much to do around the game 🙂 Pity, maybe some days later I will continue…


Cities and Towns 2 for Windows